Agenda 2019

Location: Cooper Koo YMCA
461 Cherry Street
Toronto, ON M5A 0H7
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Friday, October 18th: Morning

9:00-9:30              Registration and networking

  • Light refreshments provided

9:30-10:00           Welcome

  • Indigenous welcome, Greetings from OCAD U and opening remarks

10:00-10:30         The State of Inclusion

  • Compelling and provocative questions about the state of inclusion
    • Jutta Treviranus & David Rokeby

10:30-11:00         Break

  • Light refreshments provided

11:00-12:00         Conversations about the State of Inclusion

  • Substantive conversation of the issues that are being addressed through the projects with a panel to bring perspective on the questions
    • Michael Bach
    • Shari Trewin
    • Megan Lawrence
    • Colin Clark
    • Charles Finley
    • Andrea Breen
    • Lisa Snider
    • Pina D’Intino
    • … and you

Friday, October 18th: Afternoon

12:00-1:00           Lunch (provided)

1:00-1:15              Accessible Technology Fund

  • Laurent Messier

1:15-3:00              Digging DEEPer I: Introducing the IDRC/DEEP Workshop series I

  • Introduction to Inclusion Projects that will be featured in the workshop series
    • Informed Consent in the age of data science: John Guido & Michael Bach
    • The Future of Work, the GIG Economy and the Digital Skills Gap: Wendy Cukier & Abby Goodrum
    • Open Education and Inclusive Life-long Learning: Virginia Rodes, Sandra Gabriele & Lizbeth Goodman
    • Bottom-up Evaluation of Smart Community Plans: Melissa Diep, Cath Duchastel, Celine Nguyen

3:00-3:30              Break

  • Light refreshments provided

3:30-4:00              Digging DEEPer II: Introducing the IDRC/DEEP Workshop series II

  • Social Justice Repair Kit: IDRC Team and Andrea Breen
  • Code to Learn and Create

4:00-4:30              Unwrap-up

  • Jutta Treviranus

Friday, October 18th: Early Evening

4:40-6:00              DEEP Social

  • Light Refreshments
  • Networking
  • Speaker’s roundtables
    • Jennifer Chadwick
    • Wendy Cukier
    • Charles Finley
    • Christopher LaRoche
    • Vanessa Pfaf
    • Lisa Snider
    • And others!
  • Project information displays