Event Code of Conduct

Inclusion is a process — one that takes work, attention and nurturing. It is our expectation that the practice of inclusion involves working through differences. Sharing diverse and divergent opinions is something we encourage, learning to do it in a respectful way is something we’re all practitioners of (and would like to help facilitate), and these tough conversations are part of what creating inclusion requires. When everything goes well, we can have these differences in respectful and productive ways.

When it does not go well, and it threatens the very inclusion we seek, the DEEP team will uphold the following code of conduct:

We would like all attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers at our conference to read and be familiar with the following code of conduct. We fully expect a wonderful experience for all participants. That happens when we all come together to ensure a safe and brave environment for everybody. Come be part of the change, do the hard work of inclusion, join us at DEEP.

Need Help?

You have our contact details in the emails we’ve sent. You can also contact the conference organizers by emailing deep@ocadu.ca or by contacting Jess Mitchell, Vera Roberts, or Jonathan Hung directly at jmitchell [at] ocadu [dot] ca; vroberts [at] ocadu [dot] ca; jhung [at] ocadu [dot] ca

License and attribution

The IDRC deeply respects and supports the work at Mozilla to keep the Internet open, free, inclusive, and fair. We are reproducing their Community Participation Guidelines and are doing so under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license that Mozilla distributes it under originally.

These guidelines have been adapted with modifications from Mozilla’s original Community Participation Guidelines, the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, Mozilla’s View Source Conference Code of Conduct, and the Rust Language Code of Conduct, which are based on Stumptown Syndicate’s Citizen Code of Conduct. Additional text from the LGBTQ in Technology Code of Conduct and the WisCon code of conduct. This document and all associated processes are only possible with the hard work of many, many Mozillians.

The IDRC and the DEEP committee are committed to creating a space where everyone feels able to contribute safely, bravely and openly. Please read through the following guidelines for participation at DEEP