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Agenda 2018

There are two locations for DEEP 2018.

Friday will be at 205 Richmond St. West
Saturday will be at 49 McCaul St.

Detailed Agenda

Day 1: Friday, October 12, 2018 (205 Richmond Street West)

9:00 Registration (fifth floor)

10:00 Opening Remarks Plenary Session (room 510)

  • Jutta Treviranus, Professor and Director Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCAD University

10:30 Smart Cities Panel Plenary Session (Room 510)

  • John Willis, Design & Innovation in Public Services
  • Jutta Treviranus, Waterfront Toronto, Digital Strategy Advisory Panel
  • Alberto Leon-Garcia Discovery Project Cyber-Security
  • Camille Sailer, Discovery Project Data Ethics
  • Bianca Wylie, Tech Reset Canada
  • David Lepofsky, AODA Alliance

11:30 Refreshment Break (Room 511)

11:45 Plenary Session: Sidewalk Toronto Co-design Discussion  (Room 510)

  • Sepideh Shahi, IDRC
  • Lisa Liskovoi, IDRC
  • Syeda Hassany, IDRC
  • Colin Clark, IDRC

12:30 Lunch Break (lunch provided)

1:30 Co-design Breakout Session (Rooms 501, 514 & 511)

(Flexible Refreshment Break: refreshments available all afternoon on the 5th floor)

3:45 Plenary Session: Co-design sharing  (Room 510)

4:45 Plenary Session: Closing Remarks (Room 510)

5:00 DEEP Reception (Room 510)

Day 2: Saturday, October 13, 2018 (49 McCaul Street)

9:30 BIG IDeA Micro Inclusive Design Challenge Registration

10:00-1:00 BIG IDeA Micro Inclusive Design Challenge

1:00 Lunch Break

2:00 IDRC Open House 25th Anniversary Celebration

  • Add to the Windows of Time 25-year timeline
  • Leave a message, share a picture or make a slide for our digital memory book
  • See some demonstrations of our different projects in the Red Room of Demos
  • Visit the Black Box of Videos to watch and listen to moments we remember on the IDRC movie reel
  • Say some words about IDRC  at the gallery open mic
  • Hear a bit about IDRC as we look back and look forward
  • Have some anniversary cake

5:00 25th Anniversary Dinner and Celebration

  • Celebrate with the IDRC community





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Jutta Treviranus, director of the IDRC, smiles as a TV camera films an interview.

DEEP 2020 is digging deeper—remotely!

This year the conversations are coming to you, wherever you are. We are going online with We Count Digging DEEPer Series activities and events from October 2020 to October 2021 (yes a whole year!). Visit the Event page for the full schedule and check back often for updates and news. We look forward to “seeing” you at this year’s Digging DEEPer events.


Future of Work and Disability Webinar

On November 17, 1:30 PM to 3 PM, join us for a discussion on Identifying and Addressing Bias in Machine Learning Models on Selection of Candidates from a Policy Perspective. Panelist Alexandra Reed Givens will discuss how machine learning models can carry bias on selecting candidates, affecting persons with disabilities and other individual differences. Registration Form

Introduction to Coding to Learn and Create project

On November 18, and 25, 2020 from 2 PM to 3 PM (EST), Learn how Coding to Learn and Create is working to empower all learners to be creators of their digital worlds, to express themselves using code and art, and to apply these skills to other areas of learning and daily life. Not just learning to code, but coding to learn and create.

AI and Machine Learning and Employment Systems: Impact on People with lived experience of disabiltiy

On November 3, 10:30 AM to 12 PM (EST), Future of Work and Disability hosted an introduction to AI and Machine Learning with a focus on concerns for persons with disabilities and employment with an amazing panel:

  • Chancey Fleet, Data Society
  • Anhong Guo, U Michigan
  • Ben Tamblyn, Microsoft
  • Shari Trewin, IBM
  • Future of Work Study Group Members

Dr. Roger Melko discusses We Count workshop findings in live webinar

We officially kick off this year’s DEEPer Series on October 21 with AI-Powered Mobile Assistive Technology Apps: Risks & Benefits, a conversation with Dr. Roger Melko where participants from the Risks and Benefits workshop will discuss their findings with guest speaker Dr. Roger Melko as a further exploration of the intersection of assistive technologies and artificial intelligence

Free Digging DEEPer Webinar on Machine Learning Discrmination by Dr. Toon Calders on July 8, 2020 11AM-12PM

Machine Learning Discrimination: Bias In, Bias Out

On July 8th, Toon Calders (University of Antwerp) helped to kick-off the Digging DEEPer series.

Artificial intelligence is more and more responsible for decisions that have a huge impact on our lives. But predictions made using data mining and algorithms can affect population subgroups differently. Academic researchers and journalists have shown that decisions taken by predictive algorithms sometimes lead to biased outcomes, reproducing inequalities already present in society. Is it possible to make a fairness-aware data mining process? Are algorithms biased because people are too? Or is it how machine learning works at the most fundamental level?

Date: July 8, 2020
Check out the event video and earn We Count microbadges

We’re planning the 9th Annual DEEP 2020 Conference!

Have a look at our collaborative notes from the May 19th DEEP Vision meeting.

To access the transcript and slides from the meeting, you can visit the link to the IDRC’s community workshops.  You will find DEEP 2020 brainstorming under the Past workshop schedule:

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