DEEP 2016

Here’s What Happened At DEEP 2016:

Thinking about international collaboration in ICT? We have the project you! Discovery Lab was at DEEP 2016. Join the conversation and start a collaboration.

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This year’s theme is:  “Our Data: Who owns it, who controls it, what can we do with it?”

In 2016  our focus was on four critical questions:

  • Can we design an inclusive and sustainable innovation agenda for Canada and globally?
  • How do we leverage emerging systems and practices to re-connect and foster more inclusive communities?
  • Can we create blueprints and roadmaps for more inclusive cities, spaces, and travel?
  • How can we design inclusive policies suited to the quickly changing complex adaptive systems we live in?

In 2016 we welcomed the participation of four initiatives that each bring essential perspectives to the DEEP agenda, namely: international collaboration, platforms for inclusive prosperity, privacy, and life-long learning.

Here are links to activities and outcomes of DEEP 2016

DEEP 2016 Vitural Notebooks

Inclusive Lifelong Learning

International Collaboration

Prosperity & Inclusion



The Inclusive Play Design Hacakthon was at DEEP from Oct. 12-Oct. 13 and we showcased the inclusively designed projects at the DEEP Reception on Oct. 13. All results were also be shown at Canada’s Design & Architecture Show:  IIDEX 2016


learn more about upcoming inclusive design hackathons at


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